Planning for success starts with a conversation with one of the 123 Wellness Inc. fitness experts to understand your unique business goals. before ever suggesting a single piece of equipment or service.

We learn about your goals, ideal members, and unique opportunities to offer health and wellness opportunities to your local community. Only then do we look at your space and begin to recommend equipment – cardio, strength, group exercise, free weights, benches & racks, and accessories – that makes sense for your members and your fitness facility.

We provide layouts to take your fitness center from concept to cardio pumping, muscle building, music thumping reality. We work directly with architects and contractors to provide 2D layouts and architectural drawings. We can also make your 2D layouts jump off the page with 3D layouts that can be used for marketing, pre-sale efforts, and to get members and residents excited about your fitness facility.

But before one spec is discussed or one warranty explained, we start with the plan!

2D layouts maximize space.

Bring plans to life in 3D for pre-sale events & member buzz.